Web1Bird turns to woman

The woman was a Witch-Bird who lost control.

Africans or Blacks cannot be redeemed, converted, or excluded. They are EBO[1]-MAKERS.

Pregnant Man, Bird as Woman, Human beings as Rodent Family, Youths found inside locked Automobiles, On top of Coconut Trees, Atop High-tension Cables, or beneath rocks–what are the explanations for these occurrences?

Blacks or Africans (inclusive of every African in Diaspora and in Africa) perceive, undoubtedly, reality differently and arrange it according to non-Western mind. (Delivering USA-Africa II) Additionally, they do not only perceive same reality differently, but also perceive peculiar African reality different from other races. We illustrate here, practical or scientific verifiable observations of events or manifestations of the different reality.

Content of experiences of the different reality, raises demands from nature peculiarly theirs. None of Prophets, Dalai Lama, Yogis, Avatars, and so on, have solution for coping with (e g) the root in African psyche of rage, plight of mind and mentality. Solution lies in meme–psyche, history, traditions, and culture as various aspects of reality that produce The Oboiro. African-American in America bears the mind of the African, as do other Africans everywhere. Only the Oboiro can proffer, and execute solutions to associated problems of existence.

Examples Of Occurrences include

  1. A bird collides with electric high-tension overhead cables, drops, and turns into a woman before witnesses who photographed her. (See image). Note that the woman you see in that image is also a bird–confusing to the non-African mind.
  2. The man who became pregnant with a developed live fetus overnight was paraded by a mob. The story was that a pregnant woman used to wake nights to find her abdomen flat, without her fetus. She consulted an ebo-master who gave her ebo or charm. He instructed her to run to him on any night she observed a recurrence. She did. People found a man in the woman’s room in the morning with a protruding abdomen. Under torture, he narrated he had been carrying the woman’s fetus in the night to the coven. He would normally replace the fetus where it belonged before the woman woke. Surprisingly, when he returned this time, he did not meet the woman on her bed. He could not return the fetus. Now he is stuck with the fetus in him!
  3. One day, I found a crowd surrounding a basket with some large rodents clustered inside. On inquiring, I learned that they were exhibits brought by a complainant. Complainant is a rice farmer. She was surprised when she met her rice systematically devastated by rodents. Strangely, they came, messed up the rice to a point. They came the next time to continue from where they left. She consulted ebo-master who gave her charm with instructions. She was to hide in ambush to observe what will happen. On the night, she watched as her mate married to her husband, arrive with her children. The woman tied each end of a palm frond to adjacent trees. The woman, then each child passed under the palm frond. To her amazement, each turned into a rodent. They went straight for her rice crops and started messing them up. She untied the palm frond and ran home in the village with it. When the rodents finished, they did not meet the palm frond where they had tied it. If they had met it, they would have passed below it in reverse direction. Each would have turned into human being. But, without the palm frond, they remained rodents. They went back in a file to their home; they went straight to their mother’s kitchen. They clustered there until people picked them and brought them in a basket as exhibit.
  4. My friend complained he always met his car engine hot mornings, as if it had just returned from a long journey. We did our homework. The following morning, he met a lad (about 6-7) inside his locked car with hands on the steering wheel. The boy was in a stupor. We opened the door, letting the boy out. He could not explain how he got into the car, when, and why.
  5. A girl is found inside heavy rocks deposited on a building site, hemmed in from all sides. When asked how she got into the space, she could not explain. They suggested to her she went into the heap of large rocks as a snake. She lost control and reverted into her human shape. They invited a mobile crane to lift the rocks so she could come out.

In each narrative above, a human being taking on the form of an animal–bird, rodent, snake–to arrive secretly. However, the culprits lost control owing to direct interference from a victim, or indirect interference from nondiscernible source (as in the cases of the bird and girl). Victims triumphed thanks to ebo-master with ebo.

Realities As Actualities

These REALITIES manifested in this physical world as actualities in what, as my late uncle used to say, “The public of everybody.” A reality Africans experience different from non-Africans (Europeans and their descendants, among others) could be in environment.

Ababe (in Edo Language) is a condition of the personality closely linked to occultism, African witchcraft, and initiations. A meaning includes nature of ghoul. Witchcraft entity that develops owing to potions eaten as part of initiation rituals develops to become ababe. Main attribute is ability to cause evil influences in the lives of targets. They are agents observed in above narratives.

I have repeated frequently, that EVERY African or black person eats witchcraft potion in infancy. All peoples of the Western Hemisphere and Asia do—not limited to black people. However, development of consequent witchcraft entity (or astral body) as ababe does not seem dominant among other races.

People who possess ababe (omwen ababe in Edo language) is not distinguishable from others with witchcraft or astral entities in them (virtually everyone). Our people talk of ababe outside their host as apparitions, phantoms, ghostly entities from diabolic astral body or witchcraft body. People discover these in villages and zones where there are no streetlights. Instances are so common people no longer discuss them.

These entities leave the physical bodies in which they dwell and return to them routinely. Occasionally, they provoke response when they go about harassing people or devastating crops or attacking fetuses, or infants. These are insane, comparable to insane people among the human population. One may also compare them with animals who feed on their young ones. This we include in the meaning of “losing control”. Ababe maybe caused by hybridization,

Population of muddled hybrid people with ababe has brains of beasts or brutes of the wild. Ababe in Africans in Africa or America is cause of brutishness, rage, and limiter to higher levels in development of intelligence.  EVERYONE of people in instances discussed above, owes to radical change in the ways astral body develops. Goal or strategies of CUSTODIANS include revealing and disgracing them as warning of their presence among typical descent people. Why else could we have been discussing them? Solving problems they cause as vexatious ancestors that require to be appeased, is a primary spiritual and religious industry. They form the mainstay of African tradition, Traditional religion, culture, society, and religious predisposition or attitudes.


They sometimes teach that the soul of a baby could come from any worlds, such as the plant world, animal kingdom–reptiles e g snakes, crocodiles, alligators, or mammals, e g boars, cows, dogs, monkeys, rodents, and so on; some are birds e g vulture, raven, hawk, condor, and so on, or fish among others. They could be from outside these and come from the kingdom of spirits and demons. They could come from among river or water spirits, spirits of the forest or pristine countryside, spirits of hills, and so forth.

This grouping coincides with entities or beings into which witches can turn. This, when going to Sabbaths, covens, or going to ruin crops. Overlooked before now is that priesthood only makes it appear the manifestations are natural and part of being born a human baby. Truth is they create them deliberately as part of strategy. They try to rule the world through plagues or vexatious ancestors who blackmail victims to appease them.

Of concern I wish to raise are important others not sung; they include those with the spirits of geniuses, naturally charismatic persons, those born with the faculty to discern spiritual events and receive divine revelations of Mysteries. Tradition and superstition of idolaters does not allow for these. Idolaters fear such people rather than nurture them as babies or honor them as adults. They dub some of them witchcraft children or IGBAKHUAN (a derogatory term in Edo language).

What those with spirits of geniuses eventually develop into would be a consequence of the prevailing conditions in the society. They are often personalities with mission to correct the ills of society or to enhance positive directions in the development of the society. A cruel society is likely to produce a reformer whose contributions to change the society would be more traumatic than if the society were a kind, peaceful, and loving one.

Some people can extrude from their body, vermin such as rodents to devastate crops as narrated above. These sorts of persons are cursed by the powers that protect the society against such magic, witchcraft, or occultism.


They cannot be redeemed, converted, or excluded from affairs of people! You may persecute them, burn them at the stake, or whatever. Such attracts indignation from civilized societies. Besides, attempt at exterminating them physically or attempting “ultimate solutions” will not work, as there is no limit to number of people who would be killed in such measures. Society as whole would cease to exist. An alternative solution is part of their culture that has evolved side by side with them, where they are widespread. Solution has always been with ebo-masters and Ebo. Solution must be without blood.

In the jungle of ababe, survival is for those who have ebo as artifacts that fight for them. Alternatively, people who have abilities of ebo engage them in combats. These have abilities of ebo, engage them in spiritual forms, and defeat them. Hence, is the African EBO-MAKER, relying primarily or exclusive on EBO/Ebo (without blood) for solution to problems of spiritual origin, religious origins, and witchcraft origin, which owe to ababe.


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[1] EBO pervades the universe (AYE) as passive agent of creation. Ebo is utilizable form of EBO, a sort of transcendental raw material, which transmutes into the realization of that expressed as prayer or will (re akhase). While Ebo is mystical utilizable EBO, ebo is artifact or physical means in which Ebo inheres as its life or power.


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