Life Blessing Or Curse

All is fair in war as in love

The state of the world is a state of war. Idea of the “enemy” is common knowledge. You may define enemy as the devil; it boils down to one definition, namely, invisible beings or entities trying all the time to take over control of people’s destiny. Hence, life is an uninterrupted battle against these.

Us in Africa are continuously appeasing vexatious “gods and ancestors. Investigation reveals that witches, wizards, and members of the priesthood at various levels, hide under these to blackmail and fight the members of the community. The attacks may take on several forms including eating in dreams, being raped or sodomized (re wet dreams, incubus/succubus) in dreams, and other encounters with spirits and phantoms. These are powerless against one whose interior sanctuary or HEAD is intact.

The western trained mind thinks of the subconscious as the theater where the war rages. This however, does not explain the trite practice of people consulting soothsayers, astrologers, oracles, and general diviners to seek solution to spiritual attacks. We know from origin that OSAGBAYE (Earth, mystical universe of reality, mysteries, life, and spirituality) is peopled by astral beings, analogous to bacteria, viruses, vermin, and pests. The solution is in taking over control of your destiny by fighting every attacker on your terms. You must go all out using every means available. We offer, for example, the “LiveAxe” as weapon.

Every event that happens on Earth has origin in ERINMWIN (spiritual universe), so says our tradition. This is correct largely, but too imprecise. We narrowed this in our writing to “adjacent universe”. A threshold to that universe exists; it is the ARUOKUN (including ARUOKUN Home Version). With that, one does not have to beat about the spiritual or astral world to divine the origin of attacks.

Particular Psychic Attacks

People experience spiritual attacks, during which they can identify their attackers. You need to be careful in this as you may be fooled. The enemy who senses your powers and means of psychic self-defense may trick you by making you identify the wrong person. Our people say that evil spirits may take on the image of another person to avoid being correctly identified. You must spare the innocent that can include your children and members of immediate family. “Better not to slay, than to slay too many” says Havamal.

The wise have a different solution to avoiding slaying too many; you are free to use your means effectively against villains. Innocence would protect relevant ones. In other words, if your means are divine it would not hurt the innocent.

You should apply your weapons accurately as we teach at ARUOKUN COMMUNITY. You could not be deceived to shoot you in the foot; you would not mistakenly hurt your wife, children, parents, and others in error.

All Is Fair In War As In Love

Concerns about addressing what to do to one’s enemies is ancient. Confucius of ancient China, for example, was quoted as saying that one should be good to those who do us good, and to those who do us evil to be just. The prophet of old recommended an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. A person under attack has no concerns other than to overcome the attacker. These are our clients. Self-defense is natural and divine. For us who preach taking over control without physical violence, the keyword is PHYSICAL. Freedom is taken and not given; when they take your freedom or control over your destiny, take it back by all means short of physical violence.

May OKUN deliver us, protect us, and guide us. Defense, you must exercise yourself. “The gods do not do for one what one should do for one.” say the Greeks.

Bond, Link, Or Common Platform

No one is exempt from psychic attacks. Everyone is attacked sometimes. However, when one is attacked all the time, the cause is in the person who suffers the attacks. Furthermore, if the attacks come from same person, organization, or family, then a bond or covenant, or other link exists.

Learn what connects your HEAD or links it to the attacker. You can discover by asking these questions: Do you share meals as in a coven, church, shrine, party, family, or group? Do you engage in any sexual acts or orgies in dream-states? Do you sing or chant in song in common, even when you do not belong to the same party, family, or live physically in the same territory or space? Sever the bond and the attacks will stop. Songs are the master key to severing the link and consequently, stopping the attacks. You will not prosper until you sever the link.

Conclusively, if the attacks are regular and persistent, a condition exists such that the victim is the creator of successive attacks. Sometimes, the target of the attacks is the creator, otherwise a victim of deception. Despite nature of the link or bond, the operational medium is one of four, namely, food, sex, SONGS or a fourth that I keep to me.


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