Ignorance of parents and immediate family is the bane of all children in Africa. This derives from atavistic theology. I can read this during oboiro-divination when such persons (young or old) are brought to me for “healing”. A person who shall be misjudged as cursed from birth would begin life under severe induced spiritual problems that would necessitate frequent visits to the oracles. The oracle would always recommend that the parents make sacrifices to appease the gods or vexatious ancestral spirits that turn out to be ubiquitous. The Oboiro does NOT rely on oracles and would therefore not recommend such sacrifices. Sacrificing animals is a drain on the meager resources of the parents or family who might be ruined by such frequent expenses. Some innocent children are therefore murdered by their parents in early age to forestall being ruined.

Attempts are made by others to “cure the baby or child”. The treatment may include making some incisions on eye lid or chick. Some are given potions to swallow. Different potions are administered to the same child over a period. This is attempting curing through trial and error. The toxicity of the potion is not considered; hence, the child may die from the toxicity.

Others who survive the ordeals in childhood suffer from spiritual, psychological, and ritual abuse (SPRA) due to having been subjected to too much spiritual, psychological, and ritual treatment. They therefore keep seeking cure throughout life until they die in poverty having been ruined. Some exceptions survive to become reputed spiritualists and healers. These are the agents of change that the upholders of progress and prosperity in Anubode are using for the good of all.

They are immune against injuries from witchcraft or psychic attacks. This indicates that they are under a special grace. However, they being very psychic are susceptible to manipulations by priests, spirits, witches, wizards, and the like. They are like pawns of the spiritual world; they are drained of vitality and so on. This is the source of their problem. Their parents and close relatives complain because their spiritual lives are not under any discernible control. While everyone in the spiritual world seem to be able to manipulate them, those seeking to help them are unable to swing their fate or fortune. This is because they are applying the wrong methods. We hope that appropriate metaphysics will replace the atavistic theology in our days.

Meanwhile, their parents and relatives try to make them amenable to spiritual influences or witchcraft-related rituals and voodoo initiation based on surrender and absorption into fetish deities and gods like “normal” people do. Thus their immunity appears strange to the average person who sees them consequently in a sense that they are weird or odd and defy treatment. The relatives who do not understand their special status and needs, keep spending their meager resources on trying to “cure” or “buy” them; this is of course a horrendous burden to them. “Buying” those mean making blood and related sacrifices in large quantities and over a long period.

The person is eventually left to his/her fate if lucky. The unlucky ones are either murdered or die from poisoning occasioned by the toxicity of the several potions that they are made to ingest as part of the treatment. Yet others become adepts as oboiro or spiritual healers as they go through repeated exposure to certain treatments. These may refine the crude and cruel treatment methods to counsel and heal others.

They are perceived wrongly as burdens to themselves, parents, family, and society.  Some parents would go as far as to poison a child that shows the trait. They are persecuted. Some are bludgeon to death in the attempt to drive out what they think is an evil spirit that either obsess them or possess them. People attempt to cure them through exorcism. I narrowly missed suffering this fate as a child.  

These misunderstood people are assets to a society that sees a personality beyond the myopic, stupid, and superstitious. Most people do not even like to speak about it in the belief that, “When you talk of the devil, it appears.” They believe that by talking about them, they may attract (to them) evil souls to take on life and incarnate as their offspring or close relation.

Since what these people develop into depend on the nature of the society we must engineer a more humane peaceful society. We must make the society a better place where a person would not be afraid to tell the true stories about his/her experiences. I, for example did not tell anyone about my experience at the river in 1954 until after more than forty years for fear. I started to have the courage after I was sixty years of age!

By R. Dahra Hargaalga Snr. (The Oboiro)


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