Diagnosis Of Diviner Personality (Oboiro-Trait )

Sometimes, a baby becomes sickly after birth in spite of all the precautionary sacrifices made to guarantee receiving a baby from the human world (some people believe that the soul can come from the reptilian or world of the lower animals and demons); most people wish that the reincarnated to be from their  lineage; some work to have a baby coming with good spirits. The parents of the sickly baby, or the person who is prone to bad luck or who feels that he/she is  jinxed consults the oracle. The oracle would always confirm that the person is cursed.  This is the way that the oracles in Africa works.

These would include some children who display spiritual performances of extrasensory perception (EXP). Take for example a child whose mother lives in a distant town. No one has heard from her for years. Of a sudden, the child starts singing a welcoming chorus that children sing when they sight their mother returning from the market or long journey. Adults would tease the child as being naughty. The unexpected mother would turn up within twenty four hours as if from nowhere. The child would sing the welcoming chorus; this would remind the adults of the former behavior of the child. Rather than think of enhancing this natural endowment, they start trying to “cure” the child.

My mother told me that I exhibited such behavior of “seeing things” or making “weird” predictions so frequently, that my mother was advised to seek a “cure”. She said that she was remembering for the first time since over thirty years or so that they had concluded to take me to a spiritual healer. She said she simply forgot.  

I have always had friends that others do not see. They teach me the language of spirits. They taught me a song that I sang and my mother forgot. She confirmed that I used to talk to myself in a language that no one else understood. This was even before I could communicate in the language of adults around me. This is the language that I first called RUDRAKH. I had a Rudrakh Drugless Therapy Center where I healed without drugs. I now compose chants which I call Ruaobi for healing and intercession. Had they succeeded in “curing” me, I would not have fulfilled my mission, the mission that was my destiny of Oboiro. (See (Prediction about my mission before I was born), TOC p 119).

The experience of “seeing things” is frequent with me; however some stand out such as the scene that I observed in 1954 and Ekehuan (Edo State of Nigeria). I was to see related events on Oke n’Anubode in 2010. This is the bases of what I now know about ARUOKUN.


We believe that the soul of a baby could come from any worlds, such as the plant world, animal kingdom – reptiles e.g. snakes, crocodiles, alligators, etc. mammals, e.g. pigs, cow, dogs, monkey, rodents, etc. birds e.g. vultures, hawk, condors, etc. or fish among others. They could be from outside of these and come from the kingdom of spirits and demons. They could be river or water spirits, spirits of the forest or pristine country side, spirits of hills, etc.

This grouping coincides with the types of entities or beings that witches can turn into. This could be when going to Sabbaths or covens.

I am concerned that others are not notices; these include those with the spirits of geniuses, naturally charismatic individuals, those born with the faculty to discern spiritual events and receive divine revelations of Mysteries. However, traditional theology or metaphysics does not make allowance for these. People tend to fear such people rather than nurture them as babies or honor them as adults.

What these persons eventually develop into will be a consequence of the prevailing conditions in the society. They are often personalities with the mission to correct the ills of society or to enhance positive directions in the development of the society. A cruel society is likely going to produce a reformer whose contributions to change the society would be more traumatic than if the society were a kind, peaceful, and loving one.

It is believed that some persons can produce vermin such as rodents to devastate crops. These are the sort of persons that are cursed by the powers that protect the society against such magic or witchcraft. This partially is the bases of the fear, that a baby born with traits that suggest extra spirituality could be an agent in the making. Such of course would bring the curses aimed at curbing the presence of such personalities in the society. These are given awful names like igbakhuan in Benin (Nigeria where I come from) that suggest they are cursed and a curse to others.

. . . . continued


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